Two Birds. One Stone.

Gone are the days when I could just get up and go.  Get up, or stay in bed if I wanted to.  Get up and go pee.  Take a shower in without being watched or wailed at.  Take a shower lasting longer than 30 seconds.  Fixing a meal.  Eat a meal without it getting cold.  Eating anything at all…

I miss setting my alarm AND waking up to it.  I miss taking a shower and not perspiring the second I get out.  Clean clothes no longer exist.  I now wear Eau de Spit Up, Eau de Drool (Eau de Babas in Spanish), and Eau de Urine.  I cry for no reason at times.  I laugh when I shouldn’t and don’t when I should.  Sometimes I laugh until I cry.  I sing to a silent audience.

Best part?  I love every second of all of this…

My husband set his alarm this morning, got up and went to the bathroom, got dressed and went to yoga.  I watched in envy…I, on the other hand, woke up to my 5-week old son crying.  Also known as my alarm.  The most handsome alarm I’ve ever seen!  I sat up, collected him in my arms, and fed him in bed.  Feed, burp, feed some more, burp again.  I was dying to pee, but couldn’t stop feeding him in the middle of it otherwise he would start wailing.  (Have I mentioned I am now deaf in my left ear?)  Shit!  I have to jump in the shower, I thought, and get ready to meet my girl friend for breakfast…mmmm Blu Jam.  It’s been forever since I’ve been there for breakfast.

I’ll finish feeding him, pee, then jump in the shower.  I haven’t washed my hair since last Friday, I think.  This is the longest I’ve ever gone without washing my hair.  Gross; I have to wash it.  As I talk out the order of things I’m going to do, I place my son in his bassinet and scoot it over to the bathroom doorway, and turn on the shower…it is then that I realize I can’t hold it any longer.  I jumped in the shower and just let it go.  There, I just killed 2 birds with 1 stone.  I’ll take what I can get these days.  I haven’t had to hold him while using the bathroom (yet), so I think I’m doing pretty good so far…

A Walk in the Park

My handsome son,

Today your dad and I walked to the park.  I think we both needed some fresh air.  We’ve been indoors for almost 2 weeks so we needed a change of scenery.  It was really hot today, so even our leisurely stroll was a little hard for me.  It was beautiful, however, and refreshing as well.  You slept the entire time and you looked so peaceful in the stroller.  As I pushed you in your stroller, I kept checking on you through the mesh vent of the stroller…I can’t help but be totally in awe of you.  I could look at you all day and night and never tire of you.  

As I write this, your dad and I have freshly showered, I am pumping, and your dad is feeding you.  I keep glancing over at the both of you as he feeds you, burps you, then resumes feeding you.  You guys are my 2 most favorite people in the whole world.  You guys ARE my world. I love you SO much. 

Your first outing (besides the 2 pediatrician visits) was Costco and Babies r Us this past Sunday.  We needed to stock up on water, diapers etc. and since Costco is right next door to Babies r Us we figured we’d take advantage and return a few things that we didn’t need.

Yesterday morning we walked down the street to your dad’s favorite local coffee shop.  We stopped in for some coffee and a little bite.  I ordered a Vanilla frappe-like drink (it was SO good!)  My first espresso since before I was pregnant!  During my pregnancy I didn’t have any coffee at all.  This might be due to my serious coffee aversion (one of my first clues that I was pregnant) early in my pregnancy.  So I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Tomorrow is your 2 week birthday and your 2 week check up at the pediatrician.  I’m eager to have them check on you and make sure everything looks ok.  I’m looking forward to seeing how much weight you’ve gained and for them to check your eyes.  For the past few days you’ve had some lagañas (eye boogers) in your eyes and it’s had me worried.  I started doing warm compresses on your eyes to loosen the crust so you could open your eyes.  It makes me sad.  I guess a mother really does feel their babies’ pain, no matter how minor it may be…It’s not too bad, but concerned, I called the doctor and they told me to put breast milk in your eyes and to massage the bridge of your nose and that they will check you out on Thursday.  They advised me to continue the compresses until then.

Well my love, your dad just put you down to sleep, so I’m going to cuddle up next to your dad and close my eyes for a couple hours, until you wake up for your next feeding.

I love you!!

You’re Finally Here!

My dear little man, You are finally here!  Born August 14th…5 days late but worth the wait.  I thought I would NEVER meet you.  Being pregnant for 40 weeks and 5 days felt like an eternity, but now that you … Continue reading

2 Days Past My Due Date

Yesterday your dad and I went to the mall. We thought it would be a good idea to walk around to see if that would help induce labor. We walked around, checked to see if my friend was working at See’s, checked out the Disney store and found the CUTEST Donald Duck onesie with matching hat! I just HAD to get it for you. On the back of the onesie is a sewn-on tail that was just so cute! DonaldDuckOnesie

We stopped by the Brookstone store because I wanted to take a little break and use their massage chairs.  Ahhhhh it was so nice.  Your dad bought some ice cube makers that make ice cubes in the shape of a big ball.  They’re pretty neat!  He made some ice balls last night and like the little kid in me, I can’t wait to fix a drink with a big ice ball…He also got a couple electronic things…I think they’re some sort of converters since we’re planning on taking you to Greece next summer!

After we left Brookstone, we went over to H&M.  They have these tops that I really like with 3/4 length sleeves.  I thought I’d get a second one to have for our hospital stay.  I also got a pair of comfy pants to wear as jammies while we’re in the hospital.  (Where are you, baby?)

So it’s now Monday August 11th, and I’m 2 days past my due date.  I am SO eager to meet you, I can hardly stand it!  I can’t remember if I already mentioned that Friday night (August 8th), the night before you were due, your dad couldn’t sleep AT ALL.  He was very anxious and the waiting part is really hard…my entire pregnancy, I’ve had a tough time sleeping.  Especially in the 2nd and 3rd trimester.  At about 37-39 weeks I got a huge burst of energy and I was baking and cooking and cleaning like there was no tomorrow! But this past week I have been so sluggish, tired, and it’s been hard to maneuver.  My belly being so huge doesn’t help either.  However, I have been getting some great sleep!  I’ve even been sleeping through your kicking and dancing.  I can tell you’re almost here, it’s just a matter of when.  So I intend on getting as many Zs as possible because once you’re here, I won’t want to sleep!

Your dad and I are going to go to the foot spa in a bit…we are trying EVERYTHING to get you to join us…hopefully they push on the right pressure points!  Then your dad wants to get a haircut because he wants to be home and spend as much time with us as possible without having a long mane to tame.

Anyway, we’re still here waiting for you.  I feel you moving around in my belly having a dance party in there…if you don’t come out soon I’m sending you an eviction notice!  Hahaha.  I can’t wait to meet you, little one!

Love, your mommy

Where are you, Baby?

Today is August 9th…your due date!  Where are you my little man?  Me and your dad have been (not so) patiently waiting for you to arrive.  Everything is ready (I think!  I hope!) now you just need to get here!  I’m at the point where I can’t drive anymore, my belly is THAT huge.  I have to lean back when I sit to make room for you, otherwise you’ll kick me in the ribs.  You’ve actually only done that once…

This past Thursday at the doctor appointment, the doctor said you were really low and in the correct position for you to come out: Head down, facing toward my back.  Your heartbeat sounded great and your little booty was bulging out!  I think you are the cutest thing ever and I haven’t even met you yet…

This morning your dad & I went to the nail salon to get a mani/pedi.  When I went 2 weeks ago, I thought that would be the last time at the salon until after you were born because I was certain you would be here by now.  But you’re still not here!  Where are you, baby?  Your dad couldn’t sleep at all last night.  Usually it’s me that’s unable to sleep, but your dad is so anxious to meet you…as am I.  Our time at the nail salon was really nice and relaxing.  I got the whole 9 done as I am SURE this is the last time I’ll be able to get my nails done until after you get here.  I had a nice foot scrub, a cooling mask, a paraffin wax treatment, an extended foot massage and even a callous remover…just in case. 😉  I got a gel manicure & got an evil eye design on my ring fingers…figured it made sense for the birth of my baby boy…

Last night we went to dinner at Pagliacci’s for one last romantic dinner before you join us.  It was relaxing and we had a really great time.  Sitting at the table was uncomfortable, of course, because my belly sticks out so much!  Upon entering the restaurant I caught this woman staring at me wide-eyed & with her mouth open.  I knew what she was thinking, and I just smiled and looked away.  As we were being seated, we walked by her table and she said to me, “You’re going to give birth in this restaurant!”  We just started laughing…she continued, “No, seriously, you’re going to give birth, like now!”  Still laughing, I told her that I was due tomorrow (today) and she just couldn’t believe it.  People have been saying similar things to me for the past few months.  My belly is just especially big…but thankfully I have good elasticity in my skin.  I hope you’re not too big though!  Anyway, your dad & I are here waiting for you…so we will see you very soon.  We love you already!


Hi baby,

Yesterday morning I had menstrual-like cramps.  One at about 9am as I was getting ready for work, and another one at about 11:30am while at work.  I had experienced these pains 2 other times.  Once this past Sunday while shopping at Target with your dad, and the other on the morning of Mother’s Day as your dad and I walked to the Farmer’s Market in Studio City.

For the past 2 weeks you have been moving all over the place!  Kicking and wiggling around…it’s the most incredible feeling when you’re moving all over the place.  Every time you kick, it startles me a bit because it comes out of nowhere.  But when you kick, I smile…


April 29, 2014

I’ve been having nightmares the past several nights.  Nightmares are pretty typical for me as I’ve suffered from them since childhood.  But since I’ve met and been with your dad, they haven’t been as frequent.  They happened in the months leading up to our wedding, and started up again with pregnancy: Niko cheating, me cheating, your dad leaving me…The worst was the other night when we watched Misery (shocker).  I had a horrible dream that a demon or evil spirit (an indistinct black figure) was trying to get inside of me through my chest.  In my dream, it couldn’t get inside.  It kept trying, and I woke up feeling the pressure on my chest!  I was terrified.  It ruined my whole day and I was so stressed out and disturbed from this nightmare.  No more scary movies for me!  But I can’t give up the tv show Bates Motel on Monday nights!  Watching I Love Lucy, Friends, and Sex & the City helps calm me a great deal.

Nostalgic Cravings

I noticed in my 2nd trimester that I wanted and craved many things from my childhood:


Ritz (Trader Joes’ brand) crackers with peanut butter & jelly, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches,  Vienna sausage links that my dad used to buy when my brothers and I were kids, Ramen soup, and I even craved the tv show I Love Lucy that I used to watch with my mom when I was a little girl…cereal, Dan’s subs ( I go after every monthly check-up) that I used to have for lunch when I was in high school…


In my first trimester of pregnancy, I couldn’t stomach meat.  I couldn’t eat fish, chicken, or steak.  What was strange about it was all I wanted was Jack in the Box tacos and Arby’s roast beef sandwiches.  There was something in particular about chicken that I just couldn’t stand.  It tasted like what I described as “flesh.”  Blagh!  

I couldn’t stand the taste nor the smell of coffee…not like me at all considering I used to drink 2 to 3 cups per day…at about 5 months pregnant, I would have a cup of decaf here and there…an occasional Coke…and regular coffee watered down.  (Sometimes half caff.)

I craved everything spicy.  Even now at 29 weeks + 3 days I still want everything spicy!  I eat a lot of mangoes with lime juice, Tapatio, and salt.

Ice Cold Beer!

I can’t remember the exact date – I wish I had written the date down – but at about 4 months, I dreamed that I had an ice cold beer with lime and salt.  It was SOOOOOO good.  I told your dad about the dream and that I had been craving ice cold beer.  Not too long after, he surprised me with a 6-pack of O’Douls.  He knows how to make me happy. Hahaha